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Horizon Air Fokker F.28 Mk. 1000 N801PH (msn 11097) SEA (Bruce Drum). Image: 102990.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/AirlinersGallery.com.

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Air France-TAT (Transport Aerien Transregional) Fokker F.28 Mk. 1000 F-GBBR (msn 11051) ORY (Jacques Guillem). Image: 910341.

Copyright Photo: Jacques Guillem.

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Empire Airlines (2nd) Fokker F.28 Mk. 4000 N110UR (msn 11182) SYR (Bruce Drum). Image: 100936.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum.

Empire Airlines (New York): 

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Garuda Indonesian Airways Fokker F.28 Mk. 4000 PK-GKE (msn 11160) AMS (Jacques Guillem Collection). Image: 909247.

Copyright Photo: Jacques Guillem Collection.

Garuda Indonesia: 

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